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The little details
Stroll along to the slow rhythm and listen to the essence of a unique place as you make your way through the estate's more than 60 hectares of banana plantations.

Find your space and all those special areas to have your days off at the hotel.
Everything you need
Swimming pool with heated water
Live eternal days in our outdoor pool with heated water at 24ºC, 365 days a year.
Close your eyes, breathe and tan in the solarium area, without any hurry.
Free Parking
Forget about the car and just think about your days off. We have private and free parking within the hotel facilities.
Central Courtyard
Live and feel the central courtyard of the hotel dotted with original Phoenix Canariensis palm trees from 1902 that intermingle with the centennial dragon tree, more than 400 years old.
Reading Area
Hypnotizing views, the Atlantic and the sea of banana trees before you rock you in the slow rhythm that arises between you and your time. Enjoy reading and silence like never before.
La Cantina de El Patio
Taste homemade dishes several days a week in a unique atmosphere to the sound of the stars. La Cantina de El Patio awaits you with open arms.

It is available Monday, Tuesday and from Friday to Sunday, except the months of May, June and September.
The store
Collaborations with different artisans from the area make it possible to bring unique pieces and objects to the hotel. Discover the story behind them.
Restaurant El Medianero
Gastronomy with soul. Get to know our culture through a journey through the most authentic gastronomy.

It is available Wednesday and Thursday except the months of May, June and September.
Feel life with us #ViveElPatio